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  • Importance of a father….

    I had a dream…
    Papa, my dear papa smiling at me
    All of us enjoying a lazy sunday…
    Wait…  I wake up… It’s 4 am,
    Oh, but he’s not here
    He is nowhere… He is with God…
    Must be cooking him delicious dishes…

    The pain the yearning oh what do I do…
    Wish I could discuss all the problems
    He was always the one with solutions
    If there were no solutions, still he was near
    Cause a father always says.. I am here na
    Why do you fear …

    Yes that’s how father’s are…
    Mom we need I am always sure
    But father’s, they give and never show
    They protect, love and cherish the kids
    But let mom take the credit for all this

    When he returns from office
    He takes another role
    All are waiting to bombard him with complaints of the day
    He is now a judge to whom they all pray
    He has to listen to think and negotiate
    Mom says scold them don’t be late
    He winks at children or may even scold
    He has to be best diplomat so he is told…

    Toiling to earn a living and spending it all on us
    Buying first for family never creating a fuss
    Showing his softest when bowing to our every demand, our every whim
    But turning into a wall to protect his kin
    From being a guardian to becoming a guard
    Softest of soft and hardest of hard

    A daughter is his princess she is his doll
    He fiercely protects his darling from evil all
    A son is his prince in early years
    Becomes a friend when he reaches dad’s ears
    He loves it best when his family is near…

    Did you know he also has his moments?
    He also feels sad, may want to cry but never comments ?
    Never he shows us see his tears
    He wants to set the best example
    We shouldn’t get the wrong idea, he fears

    But when his darling daughter becomes a bride
    That’s when his feelings he can’t hide
    That’s when they all see his vulnerability
    His tears, his fears, his insecurity
    He is a host to his daughter’s in-laws
    Indulging them as if they are God’s
    He has to organize and manage an event
    For which he saved from day she was born
    He is proud, he is happy
    Yet his eyes are wet his heart is heavy and torn

    The fathers are silent support
    They are the pillar of family
    An icon for his kids, strength to his wife
    Trying to fulfill everyone’s needs in life
    His grandchildren dearer to him than his kids
    Creating a heaven within the four walls
    He eagerly awaits whole day to receive their calls

    The real value of father is known
    When he is not there anymore
    The more you need the more it is felt
    His absence and the previleges he dealt
    You miss his love his teachings you idolised
    You miss all that he symbolised
    So indulge him love him while he is around…
    Not just a day in June…

    Happy father’s day…

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    How to operate smart phones for elderly



    Technology changes with time and it brings new gadgets and better entertainment for all. But along with it, it becomes a source of anxiety for the elderly people. It is not so easy for everyone to learn a new skill. Many people don’t have time and patience to teach the elderly. The elderly also feel embarrassed to ask others for the fear of scolding at this age. How casually children tell their dad’s and moms “ oh you can’t even grasp this much”. No, it’s not that simple to learn after a certain age. We have to be compassionate and sensitive, fading virtues in the world of busy corporates.


    So I thought let me pen down my ideas and instructions on how to operate smart phones for elderly. I will try to make it as easy and simple as possible. I will format it in a way where I will discuss what one might be doing wrong and how to overcome it so as to be able to operate a smart phone.


    Concept of smart phone


    A smart phone, simply put, is a device which can obey your commands. It can do multiple operations at same time. Consider it a plastic employee. But you have to know it’s language to be able to bring out its potential. Once you know how to operate a smart phone, you have the world in your hands.


    The functions and apps of a smart phone


    Please learn and understand what functions a smart phone can perform and what are the various apps you can install and get the best of your phone.


    The functions a smart phone can do-


    Calls including video and audio calls


    Messages including mms, normal messages, then messages and chatting over apps you install like watsapp and Facebook


    Calender with reminders and alarm.


    Clock with World clocks and alarms and reminders


    Maps for easy navigation, directions


    Music and videos on various apps


    Camera for still photography as well as videography


    Compass for directions during hiking


    News and serials it’s your tv in your hands.


    Encyclopedia through search engines and lens options.


    All the apps of the smart phone give you endless options.


    And latest apps on smart phones is tracking of your BP, Pulse, Sugar levels, Heart rate, calorie intake and what not.


    So let’s start with features we get when using a smart phone.

     The Power Buttons


    When you receive a smart phone, first be clear about buttons on it. In brief, it’s a touch screen smart phone, you should be familiar with where you will touch and what will happen.


    Some of the quintessential are-


    The power button to start, switch off, re start your phone.


    The aeroplane mode, very useful if you need to fly to your children’s place.


    The volume options including how to put your phone on silent mode, vibration mode and how to bring back the volume and to how much levels


    The home, previous page or back button, believe me in case you get stuck anywhere at any stage, it’s your go to asset. Just touch this, go to home page all settled.


    Then there is what the phones basically are for, calling and receiving calls. So calling buttons, receiving a call and how to cut a call on a smart phone should be learnt.


    • Functions


    All the basic functions mentioned above and many more. It’s an all inclusive gadget.

    So go through the various functions. Touch the keys and see what happens. Just read through the lines. Do not hesitate, your phone only helps you to navigate. It will always ask your confirmation before doing a function.


    You need the torch , touch the torch key and lo behold you can use it at night.


    You can listen to all your favourite songs on the radio and so many apps of songs. Keep touching and navigating. Read read read what is written. Keep doing the action and you will be able to work on your smart phone.


    The phone talks to you. Remember the search lens . You touch, the search lens icon comes , now you can type from keypad anything you want and on touching this search lens   you will get what you want. You can go ahead with the function.


    • Apps


    An app is like a small café or shop to do different activities of your choice.


    You want to talk, share your thoughts or photos videos, you go to social media apps.


    You want to do specific like music, art , cooking, serials, movies, games then you have specific apps for all these.


    There are apps which are interactive like shopping apps, health apps, consumer goods apps and many more.


    There are learning apps where you can learn everything under the sky, music art dance and what not. One can even start a teaching business and connect to the world from your home, your room or even your desk or your bed.


    The phone has become your business, office and even your bank where you can do all the banking right from your home.


    • The personal secretary


    There are various functions your phone does which help you organize your life.


    The banking apps most important, notes or tasks, diaries, reminders are some of the important tasks done by your phone.


    Of course there are contact lists , messages , names numbers emails all you can store using your phone.


    The calendar can store birthday, anniversaries, schedules, meetings and everything important you don’t want to miss.


    One can use the smart phones as a personal diary to write poems, stories, draw and make music and videos and then later upload them on internet to share them with the whole world.


    And if God forbidden someone is confined to their bed, the smart phone helps you in doing tasks around the house like air conditioning, washing machines, vacuuming etc.


    So you see, the smart phones are the friend, philosopher and guide in the present times. Elderlies should definitely know the working of smart phones to be able to be in touch with their children and families and the whole wide world. It’s a treasure in your hand.

    We will learn together in my series of articles how to use the smart phone and enjoy it’s potential. Thank you for reading and sharing this article.
























  • Mom.. the first Guru

    “I feel the pain when you are hurt…”
    No.. it’s not a lover nor anyone else
    It’s your birth giver your mom your mother
    She’s the one who feels more than she says
    Such is the love of a mother
    Selfless giving in so many ways…

    Age? Age has no meaning…
    You may be a baby she a young mother…
    You may be young she an adult…
    You may be an adult she becomes old …
    She will always protect you, she is gold…

    She loses her childhood to give you yours…
    She loses her playtime to give you yours…
    She loses her sleep to give you yours…
    She may lose her food to give you yours…

    She scolded you to teach you
    She punished you to make you better
    She taught you and took you to temple
    She checked her own conduct
    So you can learn by example…

    She is your first guardian
    She is your first teacher
    She is your first guru
    She is your first friend
    Then why she feels betrayed in the end…

    She prayed when you were ill
    She prayed when your results were out
    She prayed for your good career
    She prayed for your good family and house
    And she prays even this day, even from heaven above…

    It’s a debt one can never repay…
    It’s the selfless unselfish love she gives
    Even when children don’t even care
    In what condition their mother lives
    Try to hurt yourself once and see her reaction
    Please try to take time out of your busy
    And selfish life, give her the attention

    Be patient with her, enjoy her blessings
    Eat all she cooks, learn recipe of all the dressings
    Ask her what she wants, fulfill all her wishes
    Enjoy the love and care while she is there
    As later you will yearn for this
    As later no one will give the selfless love
    As later mom will be only a memory
    And still she will pray for you from heaven above…

  • Letter to wedding

    Dear wedding

    You are now entering the 9 th year, it being your 8th anniversary, popular as the bronze anniversary. Congratulations both of you made it to here.

    Bronze, you know dear, is an alloy of copper and tin. It means after all these years, the husband and wife are united in spirit, thoughts and actions like an alloy of family.
    They absorb and understand each other’s qualities and also give to the marriage their own thoughts and ideas. This precious understanding over the years strengthens the bond of marriage.

    I am not saying you won’t fight ever again or that your arguments will stop forever. But I hope by now you have agreed to disagree. You must be equipped with the defence artillary, I mean by now you will know what the other will say or do. And you will be able to use that knowledge productively to quash the fights. You will also learn by now how to appease each other after a fight.

    But now starts the stage where you can drown in the sea of familiarity and wariness, carelessness. The surity the security of the relation may actually put a negative impact on it. You may stop puting in the effort to make up after a fight, to impress each other or to keep each other happy. Beware of this huge trap. You start taking pride in your duties. You start pointing more of your rights now. At this stage, starts the process where you undermine eachother’s efforts.

    So please be very careful. This is a stage of slight weakness in your relationship. So deckup, dress well, be attractive for each other. Arrange tasty dinners for him, give her gifts, show your love all over again. Indulge eachother and agree with eachother on points of argument. May your bond strengthen each year.

    Happy anniversary and many more to come.


    The couple.

  • Remember news in train…

    I was looking out the train window
    a small child was sitting in opposite seat
    was asking his granny
    why do people shout on tv
    why is there no fun in news any…

    his granny thought a while
    she said why are you concerned
    you watch your cartoons and enjoy
    but I wish to be a news anchor
    the child cried, only they always shout
    the granny found very funny
    the little child’s sad pout…

    I started thinking, when I was a child
    we used to have one news piece at night
    that too very formal lady or gentlemen
    read the news like they read a lesson…

    all used to wait for the news
    no body questioned it’s authenticity
    nowadays we don’t believe, it’s a pity
    it used to be a mixed bag of information
    from official to sports to even fun…

    the highest officials of the state
    were mentioned with due respect
    no sensation gimmick or stunt
    pure information we used to get…

    But doesn’t the film and tv reflect us
    They show only what a viewer watches
    To increase their viewership
    They are also board the same ship
    What the society wants so it gets
    The society has to make a choice
    Only then all will be very nice
    Increase the quality, then entice….

    © cmcb

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